🌐 5,000 $ARB Aridrop 🌐 Only One Swap to Win❗️❗️

++500 $ARB++ for 10 winners

Among all participants,
10 lucky winners will be randomly selected to each receive 500 $ARB tokens.

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⭐️ How to Participate

1.Follow CoolWallet and WOOFi on X

2.Complete a swap on Arbitrum or execute a cross-chain swap to Arbitrum successfully.

The swap order must be completed via web3 browser within the CoolWallet App with a minimum value of US$20.

Note: Only transactions with the actual displayed amount of the fee and the currency will be successfully verified on the Galxe platform (see image below).

++CoolWallet App++: ### Download Now

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2024/05/22 09:00 - 2024/06/11 15:59 GMT+00:00
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