Photon Labs
Photon: Aurora Testnet Campaign


We are excited to announce the launch of the Photon Aurora Testnet Campaign!

Photon Labs is a Bitcoin-first application layer focused on scaling a new Bitcoin economy.

Our mission is to activate a flywheel economy by extending Bitcoin’s reach and utility through a performant domain for user engagement and robust dApp development, tapping into the dormant potential of ~15.4M illiquid Bitcoin.

We provide crypto-native infrastructure and solutions for Bitcoin users and the Photon ecosystem that are scalable, transparent/trust-minimized, and composable across DeFi & CeFi. These solutions, driven by $PTON economic initiatives, empower developers and users to create a thriving ecosystem of Bitcoin-focused applications or use cases.

Join now! This is just the beginning of our journey.

We are giving away 25m $PTON tokens for early supporters.

🟠 How to Participate:

Step 1:
Connect Your Wallet

Begin your journey on Photon Aurora by connecting your EVM-compatible web3 wallet such as MetaMask, Rabby, OKX Wallet, etc. This enables you to interact with the network.

The “Connect Wallet” button detects all the supported EVM wallets you have installed and will appear in the modal window.

Step 2:

Connect your Twitter.

Link your Twitter account. This step is crucial for authenticating your participation.

Step 3:
Add Photon Aurora Testnet

Easily add the Photon Testnet as a custom network to your wallet by clicking the "Add Chain (PTON)" button and approving the network in your wallet prompt.

Once added, you are ready to transact on the Photon Testnet.

Step 4:
Claim PTON Faucet

$PTON is our native gas token. Claim 10 $PTON testnet tokens from our faucet once every 24 hours.

These tokens are for testing purposes on the network, providing you with firsthand experience of the network's efficiency and capabilities.

Step 5:

Mint Text NFT

Mint up to 5 NFTs (ERC721) to help test the Photon network.
Insert your favorite tagline and click “Mint NFT”

You will be able to view your minted text NFT on Photon’s block explorer.

Step 6:
Stake NFT

Experience NFT staking on the Photon network by making a test staking transaction. No lockup, you can unstake the NFT anytime. This will help you simulate our upcoming staking mechanism and earn test yield.

Note that staking can only be performed on 1 NFT per wallet, and you must unstake the staked NFT in order to participate in NFT staking again.

Step 7:

Invite Friends

Boost your involvement by inviting friends to join the testnet. Use your referral link to invite others and earn additional points: 100 points for each referral and 50 points for sub-referrals.

This is a great way to increase your share of the airdrop pool while helping us grow the community.

Step 8:

Engage with our Galxe campaign to secure your $PTON airdrop and obtain the Primo Photon role on our Discord server.

Skip this step if you have already earned Primo Photon role in the previous testnet phase.

We’re so excited for you to join our growing Photon community!

2024/05/27 16:00 - 2024/05/28 16:00 GMT+00:00
Smart Savings
Use your claimable balance on Galxe Smart Savings if you need additional liquidity to complete on-chain tasks.
Deposit to get 10% APY boost!

Get 1 Entry & 10 Points

Get 1 Entry & 10 Points

Get 1 Entry & 10 Points

Get 1 Entry & 10 Points

Get 1 Entry & 10 Points

Get 1 Entry & 10 Points