Join the Genome (.GNO) whitelist by engaging with DAppscout apps on Gnosis

🌐 Expand for details 👉

Interacting with DAppscout will earn you a whitelist spot for a .GNO name on Gnosis!

It's as easy as the title states, go to your favourite DApp through DAppscout, perform and action and get whitelisted to purchases your .GNO name!

🎯 How to guide

1. Visit ++DAppscout++ on Gnosis

2. Connect your Wallet to Blockscout

Group 74.png

3. Interact with any fully integrated DApp

Group 75.png

4. In this example we will use Peanut to send 1 dollar of GNO to a friend

image 84.png

5. Once the action is complete you will be registered for the whitelist.


*Note you can use any DApp does not need to be Peanut!

📌 Next Steps for Whitelist?

Stay posted on @genomedomains Twitter to find out when Genome is live and you can claim your .GNO name

2024/04/24 06:00 - 2024/05/02 06:00 GMT+00:00
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