Where Identity Meets Privacy

Where You Take

Galxe Protocol is a permissionless self-sovereign identity infrastructure. Powered by zero-knowledge proof technology, you can own, manage, and share your verifiable credential securely and privately.

Become a Credential Issuer

   Why Galxe Protocol       Why Galxe Protocol   

   Why Galxe Protocol       Why Galxe Protocol   

  • Take Control with Self-Sovereign Identity
    Your credential data and identity are valuable, and they all belong to you, finally.
  • Powered by zero-knowledge proof technology
    Don’t show them everything, prove only what you need to.
  • One Place, All Your Identities
    Playing different roles in real life is hard, so we made it easy online.

For builders

A Permissionless and Decentralized Network
Don’t trust, verify. You don’t have to trust and rely on a centralized third party for data security anymore.
Verifiable Credentials
Easily create and issue Verifiable Credentials without compromising data privacy and security.
Best Integration Experience
Easily integrate Galxe Protocol SDK with your existing system with a few lines of codes. Make your data portable and interoperable.
  • Sybil Prevention
    Set yourself apart from bots
  • Reputation System
    Aggregate your reputation across platforms with efficiency
  • Credit System
    Prove your credibility without revealing your private information
  • Quest Systems
    Build a quest product without compromising user privacy
  • Data Marketplace/Exchange
    You decide who gets to access your data and pay you for it
  • Identity Verification
    Reduce identity fraud with tamper-proof verification methods
  • Privacy-Enabled Access Control
    Don’t give up your privacy just to get in where you belong
  • Decentralized Review Systems
    Your opinions matter, rate any entity in a permissionless fashion